Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Day 1 of the 30 Days to Transform Your Play

I am taking part in an interactive series that Kate from An everyday story and Rachel from Racheous have prepared for us mummies: 30 days to transform your play

30daystyp 30 Days to Transform Your Play: Day 1

Kate and Rachel will be guiding us through a series of daily assignments over the next month to help us create more meaningful play. I haven't been so excited about an assignment / homework for such a long time, probably since I've completed my PhD nearly 10 years ago...

I've been reflecting on the first assignment for a good hour now. It feels like I should make it into a monthly routine, so that I never stand still when it comes to supporting meaningful play:

Day 1: Why do you want to make changes to the way you approach your child’s play?

- to give Mr A (4 yrs) and Miss R (2 yrs) freedom to explore and express themselves in a meaningful way (embracing 100 languages of children)

- to raise happy children / family :)
- to encourage my children to play together more often and play nicely
- to make sure I provide ample opportunities for my children to express themselves
- to encourage creativity
- to support independent yet meaningful play
- to feed their interests with meaningful materials / activities
- to parent with abundance vs scarcity
- to get the right amount of white space 
- so that I am able to say YES more often
- to create a flexible routine which will accommodate 2 children & 2 adults, which will take into account multiple inteligences and which will support child-led learning 
- to avoid buying new and rather use the existing materials / recycled materials in different ways


  1. what a lovely creative blog! so great you are following along w the everyday story challenge too - i'm also excited about it :)

    1. An everyday story is one of my favourite blogs. I look forward to learning from other mums too :)

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