Saturday, 20 July 2013

Touching moments

'This is the beginning of an end!' After weeks, these heavy words are still echoing in my confused head and I can still see the oncologist's expressionless face: 'There is nothing else we can do for your mother. Make sure she is comfortable and pain free.'

It feels like this is my mum's last visit at home... She want's to go back to hospital.  I am sitting in my parent's garden, paralysed, holding back tears, repeating to myself: 'You need to be strong! You need to be strong!'. My worst fears that I have been dealing with since I came to Slovenia came true. 

My mum is sitting on the bench, so weak, so skinny, so ill, so faded. Then Miss R crawls over to her and my mum helps her with the last of her strength to stand up. Miss R clings onto my mum's hand and gives her a big smile. Such a pure, precious moment that I will always treasure...


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